Model Conversion

Model Conversion

Convert your models from S-Paramics to Paramics Discovery

There are thousands of traffic models around the world which have been developed, used and are maintained in S-Paramics - the original microsimulation product.

If you are an S-Paramics user you have invested substantial time, money, effort and skill in developing S Paramics models. You don’t want to lose that investment, but you do want to take advantage of the new benefits Paramics Discovery has to offer.

Our S-Paramics to Paramics Discovery model conversion service will preserve your investment and take away the pain of starting again from scratch.
Many elements of an S-Paramics model map directly across to a Paramics Discovery model. The whole process is not automatic though, and requires consideration of the S-Paramics model starting point, the end point and experience of both programs. Our model conversion service does this.

You send us your S-Paramics model and we send you back a Paramics Discovery model and a model conversion report. The report details any differences between the models after conversion and provides recommendations for taking your Paramics Discovery model forward.

Our model conversion service will preserve your investment and save you time, money and effort. It will also provide a great starting point for learning Paramics Discovery.

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