Get Started with Paramics Discovery

Get Started with Paramics Discovery

Are you an S-Paramics user? If so, this training course is the perfect way to help you get started with Paramics Discovery.

Paramics Discovery is built on the same robust and trusted traffic simulation as S-Paramics and uses the same modelling concepts. So once you learn the brand new, easy-to-use, interface you will be up and running in no time.

In just one day you will learn how to construct a network, navigate around a model, create different types of junction, develop and assign traffic, code public transport, refine driver behaviour, view and interrogate the simulation and collect and analyse outputs.

You will see just how easy Paramics Discovery is to use and find out about the many new features which are not in S-Paramics. It is the ideal foundation for you to start using Paramics Discovery on projects.

As always, the course will be conducted by transportation engineers with considerable Paramics experience, gained from SYSTRA’s many microsimulation projects.

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