Advanced Training (2022)

Advanced Training (2022)

Bespoke training to take your Paramics Discovery models to the next level

Paramics Discovery Advanced Training is a great way to consolidate the knowledge and experience learned on the Model Development Course, and take it to the next level.

Advanced Training isn’t a set training course, but rather a tailored one-day training experience focused on the topics which matter most to you.

With Advanced Training you’ll receive dedicated attention from one of our trainers; a transportation engineer with considerable Paramics Microsimulation experience.

Our expert trainer will demonstrate the advanced techniques they have used on real world case studies and work with your models, offering valuable insight and guidance. Whatever question you might have they will be on hand to help.

Advanced Training Topics

Prior to Advanced Training we will work with you to identify the topics which are most valuable to you and shape the training experience accordingly.
Topics could include:
- Junction and urban network calibration
- Highway calibration
- Hazard overrides
- Zone portals
- Demand profiles
- Matrix estimation
- Select link analysis
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