What is Paramics Discovery

What is Paramics Discovery

What is Paramics Discovery?

Paramics Discovery is our latest microsimulation product. Simply put – it is built on 20 years’ experience of software development and microsimulation modelling, but in a brand-new modern interface, making it incredibly easy to learn and use.

Like S-Paramics (our original product), Paramics Discovery is developed to help transport professionals design, evaluate and present amazing solutions.

How does it work & what can it do?

Paramics Discovery reproduces real world traffic conditions in a computer model by simulating detailed individual vehicle behaviour on a user-defined road network.

You can use Paramics Discovery to test a wide variety of transport planning interventions:
- more traffic on a road network
- new junctions and infrastructure
- changes to traffic signal control
- public transport operations
- event planning
- economic assessment
- environmental (i.e. emissions) assessment

Whatever you want to test Paramics Discovery lets you assess the impacts quickly and simply.

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