What is Paramics Discovery

What is Paramics Discovery

What is Paramics Discovery?

Paramics Discovery is our latest microsimulation product. Simply put – it is built on 20 years’ experience of software development and microsimulation modelling, but in a brand-new modern interface, making it incredibly easy to learn and use.

Like S-Paramics (our original product), Paramics Discovery is developed to help transport professionals design, evaluate and present amazing solutions.

How does it work & what can it do?

Paramics Discovery reproduces real world traffic conditions in a computer model by simulating detailed individual vehicle behaviour on a user-defined road network.

You can use Paramics Discovery to test a wide variety of transport planning interventions:
- more traffic on a road network
- new junctions and infrastructure
- changes to traffic signal control
- public transport operations
- event planning
- economic assessment
- environmental (i.e. emissions) assessment

Whatever you want to test Paramics Discovery lets you assess the impacts quickly and simply.

System requirements

Please see our system requirements document for information about the minimum system specifications required for Paramics Discovery.

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