Paramics Discovery 24

30 September 2020

You can now get a complete understanding of vehicle behaviour at a glance. You can see the route choice, lane choice and give way choice of any vehicle at any time anywhere on the road network making it easier than ever to interrogate and understand the how vehicles behave in your model.

You can customise vehicle behaviour to suit your purposes with Incidents. Incidents gives you full control over when and where vehicles stop on the network. You can also define the duration of the stop, which vehicle type it is and how many vehicles stop in a given time period. This flexibility offers a huge range of applications; vehicle break downs, accidents, drop offs, pickups, deliveries and electric vehicle charging.

From today, you can model on-street parking and off-street parking in Paramics Discovery. This powerful new feature opens up new types or models to you such as developments which include car parks or city parking strategies. It can also add value to existing models with an enhanced representation of vehicle behaviour.

And finally, you can now create beautiful 3D visualisations. Add textured road surfaces, pavements, trees, buildings, street furniture, skies and shadows. Show your clients what their transport solution could look like in real life. Capture movies of the simulation with one click. And make your models look amazing!

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