Paramics Discovery 20

1st June 2018

Paramics Discovery 20 is another big step forward. It combines important “behind the scenes” development of graphics and vehicle behaviour alongside powerful features with a focus on simplifying complex modelling techniques.

Paramics Discovery is now utilising a new graphics technology called OpenSceneGraph. This lays the foundation for ongoing improvements to graphics performance and visualisation in years to come. The re-introduction of compound junctions is a major time saver and is accompanied with the new capability of collecting counts between any entry and any exit from a compound junction.

We have included several new features relating to vehicle behaviour offering greater scope and simplicity. The API has been expanded to include the ability to set the target speed of an individual vehicle (ITS licence only) and you can now adjust more vehicle behaviour parameters (e.g. headway) by vehicle type. In addition, for the first time, users now have quick and simple methods to model give way to oncoming traffic and randomised pedestrian crossings.

Finally, a new filtering method means the collection of pija and OD files is now an order of magnitude quicker.

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