Paramics Microsimulation used to model social distancing proposals
30 September 2020

Paramics Microsimulation used to model social distancing proposals

Vectos Microsim has been working alongside Warwickshire County Council to assess the potential implications of facilitating social distancing proposals through the reconfiguration of existing road space.

These proposals will allow safe social distancing to be achieved in a number of areas as well as generally improving the environment for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Warwickshire County Council holds an extensive suite of wide area Paramics microsimulation models which have been developed to cover all of the major urban areas within the county. The majority of these were used in this assessment.

Paramics Microsimulation offered several benefits for modelling the impact of social distancing measures including the:
- ease of application of link restrictions making bus only sections quick and easy to input to the model
- ability to visually review the model to determine no significant pinch points arising from the implementation of the scheme proposals
- ease of being able to apply changes to link characteristics by selecting lots of links in one go
- ability to import and export demands and zones from the model allowing freedom to quickly assess a series of demand response scenarios

Find out more about this project and how these Paramics microsimulation models were used to model social distancing proposals here:

Paramics project

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