Paramics Discovery uses powerful graphics to present the benefits of the Cross Tay Link Road
1 November 2021

Paramics Discovery uses powerful graphics to present the benefits of the Cross Tay Link Road

Image credit: Perth Transport Futures

SYSTRA was appointed as by Perth & Kinross Council (PKC) in 2012 to develop the Perth City Paramics model and relevant future year scenarios to use as the basis for assessing the impacts and economic performance of the Cross Tay Link Road.

The Cross Tay Link Road (CTLR) is Phase 2 of the Perth Transport Futures Project providing a new road linking the A9 over the River Tay to the A93 and A94 north of Scone. The CTLR will help to alleviate traffic congestion in Perth City Centre and Bridgend, creating capacity in the city’s road network that will enable a shift to greener modes of travel as part of phase 4 of Perth Transport Futures.

Using standard Paramics Discovery outputs such as vehicle speeds, journey times and link counts, SYSTRA integrated these results into GIS to produce a series of informative powerful graphics and videos for presentation and visual analysis purposes.

The A94 Flows diagram shows the routes of vehicles heading northbound along the A94 before and after the proposed Cross Tay Link Road is built. The file was produced from the vehicleroutes file, which collects the precise routes of all vehicles that travel in the model.

The ‘Ratio of Speed To Speed Limit’ animation shows how the speeds of vehicles are impacted by the CTLR. It was produced from a link count summary file exported from the analysis tab, as well as an export of the nodes and links from the model in CSV format.

The QGIS Temporal Controller was utilised to obtain images for each 15 minute period. A free movie editing software tool was then used to create a final animation.

The graphics were produced using Python scripts that read the output and processed them into new CSV files that were readable by QGIS, a popular open-source GIS application. Other scripts provided information as to how the data should be presented in terms of colour and size.

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