Paramics Discovery used to support regeneration plans in Nuneaton
7 May 2021

Paramics Discovery used to support regeneration plans in Nuneaton

Warwickshire County Council (WCC) and Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council (NBBC) are working together to deliver the Transforming Nuneaton project, by implementing mixed-use regeneration for boosting economic growth.

A Paramics Discovery model of Nuneaton Town centre was developed by Vectos Microsim, working with WCC, to aid in the identification of highway improvements and sustainable transport options to support the regeneration plans both now and through an assessment of future effects using traffic forecasting techniques to ensure that the concept schemes were future proofed.

Detailed outputs from the Paramics Discovery model have been used to inform an assessment of the effect of the proposed measures on traffic movements through the town.

Additionally, the Paramics Discovery outputs have been processed and combined with DfTs Transport User Benefits Appraisal (TUBA) tool to produce an estimate of the value for money of the proposed schemes.

Another significant advantage of using Paramics Discovery was through the visualisation of both current and forecast network conditions which allows non-technical stakeholders the ability to obtain an understanding of the proposals.

Vectos Microsim worked with Civil Visuals who were able to produce high quality graphical outputs for this purpose by rendering the Paramics Discovery vehicle movements in 3D, including the associated concept designs for the area.

Watch the 3D video, created by Civil Visuals and based on the underlying Paramics Discovery model developed by Vectos Microsim, here:

Schemes included in the footage are based upon concept designs.

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