Paramics Discovery used to model Covid measures in Perth
19 March 2021

Paramics Discovery used to model Covid measures in Perth

Since the start of 2020 the Covid pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives including how we interact with our transport systems and public spaces.

SYSTRA Ltd (SYSTRA) was commissioned by Perth & Kinross Council (PKC) in July 2020 to provide traffic modelling to inform the testing of proposed measures in Perth city centre.

The purpose of the proposed measures was to aid active travel, physical distancing and create outdoor space for businesses within Perth city centre in response to the Covid19 outbreak.

The core elements of the proposals were provision of temporary cycle lanes and a one-way system in the northern half of the city centre. In addition, the proposals also considered footway buildouts, relocation of bus stops and temporary road closures to facilitate social distancing and outdoor seating.

The established Perth Paramics Discovery model was used to model the various proposals. In addition, PKC and SYSTRA organised traffic surveys during the Covid19 outbreak to record the reduction in traffic volumes on the network as a result of ‘lockdown’ and ‘working from home’ conditions.

Congestion heatmaps in Paramics Discovery helped to illustrate the impact the proposals would have on the wider transport network.

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