Paramics Discovery 25
29 November 2021

Paramics Discovery 25

Paramics Discovery 25 is now available to download and try for free

For the last 10 years we’ve focused on making Paramics Discovery easy for use, whilst adding powerful new functionality and improving vehicle behaviour, reliability and performance. This release offers all these elements in abundance.

You can now model parking on both sides of a one-way street, a significant enhancement to the major new parking feature introduced in Paramics Discovery 24. You can import multiple aerial images in one go and quickly navigate around your model with the images in the background. This is one of many performance improvements we’ve made which include quicker model opening times, tab switching and object editing.

The new stored views dialog makes it easier to save, name and locate views anywhere on your network and improvements to vehicle marking mean you can highlight five different vehicle characteristics really quickly from the Styles panel.

In version 25 we’ve introduced vehicle awareness and vehicle events. You can see what the simulated vehicles see whether they are approaching junctions, overtaking or lane changing. You can see calculated collision points, vehicle following, give way decisions and lane changing desire – giving you key insights into how vehicles behave throughout every aspect of their journey.

As well as all the improvements we’ve made to the user interface, we’ve down lots of work behind the scenes too. We’ve improved vehicle behaviour on approach to junctions and when passing or overtaking. A vehicles visibility can now reach back over multiple links and you have new control of the speed distribution by link category.

We’ve made several improvements to how data is transferred in and out of models. You can now import and export pedestrian crossings, copy and paste demands, profiles and profile assignment between the Edit Demand tab and Excel and import and copy data plots from the Analyse tab.
The new hazard override dialog enables you to select your hazard overrides on the network, import and export them, name them and locate them.

In this new release you will find dozens of other improvements across the user interface; zoom added to the locate feature, network review for features which change by time of day and 3D navigation in the Analyse tab. These are just a few examples of many small improvements which can save you time and enhance your modelling experience.

And finally, we’ve added tools to help you manage your models, automatically output summary statistics and search for useful videos and documents on our YouTube channel and Support Centre.

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