Paramics Discovery 23 available today
27 November 2019

Paramics Discovery 23 available today

Paramics Discovery 23 is now available to download and try for free.

Paramics Discovery 23 marks a step change in user experience with undo, redo and node merge. It also opens new and exciting ways to display and share data with more export options than ever before.

The introduction of Undo and Redo take Paramics Discovery to the next level. It offers you seamless workflow and an instant method for correcting mistakes, ultimately saving you time and effort. In a similar vein, the ability to merge nodes brings a beauty and simplicity to network construction and editing.

In a world of information, it’s so important to be able to import, export, display, analyse and share data in formats which work for you and your clients. That’s why we have now included the ability to import and export signal timings in CSV format making it possible to edit and import signal timings outside the user interface.

You can also now export a wide range of network data in CSV, ESRI and KMZ format; for easy use in Excel, GIS software and Google Earth respectively. A fantastic way to present and share data with colleagues and clients.

Finally, a brand-new tool gives you the power to export all your demands sets (or whichever ones you choose) in one easy step.

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