Paramics Discovery 22 available today
29 April 2019

Paramics Discovery 22 available today

Paramics Discovery 22 is now available to download and try for free.

Speed variation by time of day is ideal for modelling changes in speed limit such as school drop off and pick up zones. Give way to oncoming traffic means you can now accurately recreate the vehicle behaviour associated with traffic calming, narrow streets and one lane bridges. And clear exit (i.e. yellow box) behaviour enables you to produce the courteous driver behaviour so often seen on our roads.
Version 22 marks a step change in data analysis with the introduction of select link analysis. You can now analyse every detail about the routes drivers use to travel through the network, quickly and easily, to more deeply understand your model and how it operates. Several small improvements to configuring, collecting and analysing data have been included such as the introduction of demand percentage and scripts in the run configuration, the improved format of link outputs and the ability to aggregate time intervals.
The user experience of Paramics Discovery continues to improve. You can now create zones using a freehand tool, signal controlled stage diagrams are easier to interpret and new default vehicle shapes (including cyclists) will give you models a more up-to-date, professional feel.

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