Paramics Discovery 21 available now
9 November 2018

Paramics Discovery 21 available now

Paramics Discovery 21 is now available to download and try for free.

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Paramics Discovery 21 offers numerous improvements in performance and user experience, as well as breaking new ground in data presentation.

With Paramics Discovery 21 you now have several new ways to export data. Simulation outputs can be effortlessly exported as 3D maps and automatically loaded and presented in Google Earth. Network data is efficiently exported in shapefile format, ready for analysis and presentation in any standard GIS package.

The range of data import is greatly extended as well, with four common formats available for overlays and 3D shapes.

The Edit demand tab has been improved significantly. Loading demand data is quicker, the matrix structure is easier to understand and profiles are much simpler to view and edit.

Finally, the new graphics technology introduced in version 20 (OpenSceneGraph) has been utilised to visualise vehicle shadows for the first time!

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