Paramics Applications – A New Series for 2021
26 January 2021

Paramics Applications – A New Series for 2021

Paramics Discovery is used for a wide range of projects and applications. You can see examples of several of them here.

This year we want to showcase this wide variety of applications to help you understand what is possible with Paramics Discovery and the value it can bring to you and your organisation.

This month and next we will begin with the theme of WINTER MAINTENANCE highlighting several projects where Paramics has been used to model road closures and traffic management, enabling vital maintenance works to take place on our roads.

The first example is a project on the Clyde Estuary to the west of Glasgow. SYSTRA Ltd developed a Paramics model to test a traffic management arrangement so that crucial maintenance could take place on the Erskine Bridge. A contraflow system was modelled so that one side of the bridge could be closed for the works. This allowed for the potential level of delays to be forecast and used to inform the optimum traffic management arrangement.

Traffic leaving contraflow to the west of the Erskine Bridge

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