In Depth Video Tutorial - Using Script Templates
1 November 2021

In Depth Video Tutorial - Using Script Templates

Many of the video tutorials we produce are around 5 minutes long and introduce a new feature in Paramics Discovery.

Occasionally we make longer videos to explore a topic in greater depth. In September and October 2019, we produced three in depth video tutorials (> 20 minutes), to help you learn how to use some of the more advanced features in Paramics Discovery.

Today, we are shining the spotlight on how to use script templates in Paramics Discovery. Python scripting is a powerful feature offering you control and flexibility for a variety of vehicle and network behaviours including; vehicle detection, variable traffic signals, vehicle speeds and network restrictions.

On the Paramics Support Centre you can find several script templates – shortcuts to help you build Python scripting into your models. In this video tutorial we show you how to use them!

How to use script templates in your Paramics Discovery model

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