Paramics Microsimulation used to test ramp metering in Sweden
7 November 2017

Paramics Microsimulation used to test ramp metering in Sweden

Trafikverket (The Swedish Transport Agency) wanted to understand whether ramp metering, at three separate locations on the E4 near Stockholm, could improve the operation of their highway network. Microsimulation was the ideal tool for the task so their consultants, Sweco, developed a large Paramics model of the Solna area, and tested the new schemes.

An ITS system for regulating traffic was connected to the model and the ramp metering algorithm was based on speed, flow and the capacity on the highway downstream.

A large model was created to take account of the potential changes in route choice which might result from the scheme.

One of the great strengths of Paramics Microsimulation is the ability to create large microsimulation models due to the superb route choice and matrix estimation features.

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