Our People

Our People

MALCOLM CALVERT - Paramics Director
Malcolm is a Chartered Engineer with a strong background in transport planning and modelling. He is also a Chartered Manager and continuously uses the key skills of communication, management and leadership in his role as Paramics Director. Malcolm has overall responsibility for Paramics Microsimulation and since 2013 has successfully overseen the development and introduction to market of Paramics Discovery.

ROBERT ALLAN - Support Manager
Robert is a Chartered Engineer with over 15 years’ experience of transport planning and modelling primarily using Paramics Microsimulation. Robert’s focus is offering the highest quality support to our customers. He combines his technical knowledge and experience with excellent people skills making him ideal as the support manager.

DAVE BENNETT - Software Development Manager
Dave is responsible for delivering the Paramics Discovery software development programme. He is an experienced software developer himself and combines his management of the software team with regular development input. Dave is an excellent manager, capable of getting the best out of his team and regularly finding areas for improvements and innovation.

FIONA DENOON - Paramics Administrator
Fiona provides administrative support to all Paramics users. This includes the provision of annual license updates, dongle replacement, support services and training courses. Fiona is highly organized and efficient and always seeks opportunities to improve our systems and processes to make things as smooth as possible for our customers.

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