Shopping Centre Expansion in Christchurch - New Zealand

Shopping Centre Expansion in Christchurch - New Zealand

The western side of Christchurch has seen amplified population and traffic growth following the 2011 earthquakes. The Hub Hornby shopping centre is well located to service expansion in these areas and the re-development of the shopping centre is vital in providing high quality facilities and services.

Traffic operation, access, and sustainable travel are key aspects of this expansion - The Hub Hornby is located at the junction of two important State Highway routes, contains a key Christchurch Public Transport hub, and is adjacent to several walking and cycle routes.

Traffic Design Group provided considerable technical traffic engineering and transport planning input to the redevelopment plans. Improved traffic access to The Hub was considered paramount and a detailed Paramics Microsimulation model was used to assess, analyse, and support a range of considerations;

  • Upgraded and enlarged entrances
  • Car park provision/design/arrangements
  • Improvements to road and intersection visibility and pedestrian safety
  • Evaluation and assessment of alternative options incorporating the above components
  • Stakeholder presentation and consultation.

Work on the shopping centre re-development is continuing. Some stages are complete and the fuller re-development will take several years. Once complete, the expanded Hub Hornby will be the fourth largest shopping centre in Christchurch.

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