Ryder Cup 2014

Ryder Cup 2014

The Ryder Cup took place in Gleneagles, Scotland in September 2014. The competition, held every two years, is regarded as one of the highest profile sporting events globally and attracts significant attendances from throughout the UK, Europe, United States and beyond.

The arrival and departure of visiting spectators is typically more concentrated than other sizeable golfing competitions, due to the smaller number of individual matches played. In addition, the rural setting of Gleneagles and stringent on-site security requirements mean that a clear transport strategy must be established for the event.

SIAS liaised with event organisers and agencies including Transport Scotland, Perth & Kinross Council, and Tayside Police to assist in developing a transport plan that caters for the arrival and management of more than 45,000 event staff, participants and spectators.

To fully appreciate the scale of the challenge, we attended the 2010 Celtic Manor Ryder Cup event in Newport, Wales, where a similar multi-agency approach had been adopted. We could see how a typical Ryder Cup day worked, including the car parking strategy, on-site security and Park & Ride events.

We have undertaken modelling tasks which have allowed us to test different levels of demand for the event and to understand the effect of closing various roads as part of the overall event strategy. Our modelling also allowed us to make recommendations as to the selection of suitable Park & Ride sites.

The 2014 Ryder Cup provided a huge opportunity for Scotland to showcase its landscape, hospitality and history to tens of thousands of visitors. In addition to spectators who travel to the event, many more people will follow the event on television worldwide.

With well researched planning and careful implementation of our transport strategy, all visitors to the site could arrive and depart safely, without any transport and access issues.

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