Glasgow S-Paramics microsimulation model

Glasgow S-Paramics microsimulation model

SIAS was commissioned by Glasgow City Council in 2007 to develop an S-Paramics model of Glasgow City Centre to be used to help inform council decisions as part of the City Centre Traffic Management review proposals.

The model covers Glasgow City Centre and extends from the M8 motorway in the north to the river Clyde in the south and models the interaction of private and public transport both on the busy M8 motorway and the city centre surface streets.

The model was built using a large variety of available data sourced from Glasgow City Council, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport and public transport operators.

Over 100,000 vehicles are individually represented in each of the weekday peak morning and evening periods with around 250 bus services represented in the model.

The model has currently been used to test a variety of city centre proposals and the potential effects of:

  • Dedicated bus lane provision
  • New bus-only links
  • Carriageway widening
  • Bus service rerouting
  • Bus stop relocations
  • On-street parking removal
  • Changes to traffic direction on 1-way links
  • Changes to signal timings and staging
  • Geometric and lane definition changes
  • Pedestrianisation of streets

Selected traffic management proposals were assessed under the Appraisal Framework for the Local Transport Strategy against a set of established objectives. These objectives included increasing sustainable transport, improving air quality, and safety.

The model was subsequently updated in summer 2008 to further improve on the underlying demand matrices and continues to be used to test a range of city centre traffic management proposals.

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